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10 Reasons Why Customers Prefer Online Shopping:

More and more traditional stores are going online these days as the number of online shoppers has rocket sky high in the last four years. Here are some reasons on why customer prefer to purchase products online instead of walking into a traditional store.

arrow Convenience:

Customers find it easier to shop at their own convenience. Every customer has individual shopping habits. Some prefer to browse online shopping websites in trains or buses on their way to work and some like a quick browse before they go to bed. Some like to do online shopping during lunch breaks and some do it just to relieve stress. Going into a traditional store for browsing or shopping at any of these times may not be possible.

arrow Savings on Travel Time and Cost:

With traffic on the roads increasing day by day and the rising costs of fuel and parking charges, a number of customers these days prefer to browse through their required products online before stepping out. Now let's add the travel time and cost as well to return home after shopping. And it would be a total waste of time and money if the customer didn't find the product they are looking for at the store. Customers love the concept of shopping online and getting them delivered at their doorstep.

arrow No Crowd and No Queues:

A majority of the customers finds time for shopping during their lunch breaks and weekends. This is when the shops are busy with other like customers as well. And imaging the never ending queues at the billing counter with different types of customers queuing up with items from just one small item to overflowing shopping trolleys. A few clicks or taps eliminates all this burden and helps complete your purchase in no time.

arrow Easy to Compare Other Products:

The internet has millions of online shopping websites including some of your favourite online stores. It is easier to compare multiple brands and products at the same time and decide on the product the customer really needs. Products details like weight and dimensions are also available online these days so the customer doesn't even have to go to the store to physically lift the product and see if he can handle it.

arrow Better Prices Online:

In most traditional shops the only way to find out about their current discount offers or sales is to physically walk into the store and finding it out or through email or post if the customer has registered for the shop's advertising catalogue. These days all the customer has to do is just log on to the shop's website and click on Offers.

arrow More Options Available Online:

With the advancements in software systems and database integration technologies, online traders are able to advertise almost every single item they have in stock. Where traditional stores can only stock up a few of each items they have in their display due to space limitations.

arrow 24/7 Access to Shopping:

Traditional stores have trading hours and are closed after that, except for a handful of big giant stores who are open 24/7. E-Commerce websites enable customers to shop online any time of the day and any day of the week. And this shopping includes browsing for products, selecting the right product, paying for it and booking a pickup or delivery.

arrow Interstate and International Access:

Sometimes we find that the type and quality of products in a different branch of the same chain of shops is better than the other ones. Customers even travel long distances to their favourite store even though there are a couple of similar stores that sell the same product on their way. Global access to E-commerce websites has given customers the fantastic ability to shop, compare and purchase products from other states and countries.

arrow No compulsive sales people:

Everyone has seen a compulsive sales person in their life. Some stores have a real high sales target that makes the sales person become very pushy towards the customers to sell anything and everything. But this is not what the customer likes. The store may achieve its sales target by doing so, but the customer may not come back again. Online shopping on the other hand is free from salespeople. You may get an occasional pop up message about the store's current sale, but in most cases it just disappears when it is closed.

arrow Discreet purchasing:

There are a number of products that customers do not prefer to pick up from a store. The worst feeling is when they place these products them on the billing counter while there are a hundred people standing around them watch them buy it. Customers prefer to purchase these items online and prefer to get them delivered at their doorstep.