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Top 5 Reasons to have a Mobile Friendly/Responsive Website:

arrow Mobile Network Traffic Growth:

Gone are those days when we used the old dial-up modems that made weird noises to connect to the internet. Smart phones have redefined the whole concept of a mobile phone and are widely used for a wide range of activities including browsing the internet, online chatting, applications that enable us to have a great control from booking a taxi to ordering pizzas. Mobile data traffic has grown from by about 4000 times in the past decade.

arrow Increase in Smartphone Usage

According to the global mobile data report done by Cisco, the average user of smartphone globally has increased by 43% in 2015 and the average amount of data traffic used by a smartphone was 929MB per month. This number is expected to increase as the number of smartphones and tablet devices sold increases.

arrow Google favours Mobile Friendly websites:

Google is being the most used search engines globally assesses each website for mobile friendliness or responsiveness while its algorithms calculate for SERP rankings. This is to provide a positive experience to the customer while browsing through your website on their mobile device. If the customer is happy browsing through your website he may visit the site once again later to browse for any other products. This increases the organic traffic for to your website resulting in promoting best Search Engine Optimization results.

arrow Better Brand Awareness:

Sometimes we browse around in shops, even when we don't buy anything there. This is because we like the environment and products there. We may not buy something there today, but will buy something there someday. Similarly, customers like to browse through a website more than the actual product they are looking for and if it is a mobile friendly/responsive website this might be a potential customer. Though the product the customer is looking for may not be available in your website but now he/she knows what your brand is about and where to go to when he is looking for the products you sell.

arrow Rapid growth in mobile internet technologies and providers:

The mobile phone technologies have come a long way since the evolution of mobile internet connections. It wasn't too long ago mobile internet was introduced worldwide, and then the technology rapidly got upgraded from '2G' to '3G' to '4G' to 'what not G'. New Gs (Generations) of mobile internet connectivity has given customers the ability to experience much faster internet than the previous ones. More and more mobile internet providers are jumping into the market and are competing in providing faster internet to customers and more data allowance as well. This encourages customers to use their mobile device to to browse the internet and a mobile friendly website is the way to go.

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