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What is a Blog?

The Definition of Blog:

A blog is a truncated form of the work weblog or web log. A blog is a website or an online page consisting of posts or entries appearing in chronological order of recently updated date. Most of the common blog sites have functionality to add comments, links, images, etc. to share with the rest of the bloggers.

Who uses Blogs?

Blogs are mainly used by users worldwide to share their thoughts, understanding and experience of the various topics being discussed. A number of businesses and corporate organizations also use blogs to promote their online presence and improve their search engine optimization rating.

Most Commonly used types of Blogs:

There are a number of types of blogs used worldwide. These blogs are generally divided by the type of content used, the type of content delivered and the way it is written. Here are some of the most common categories:

  • arrow Personal Blogs - Mainly used by an individual to share his/her ongoing personal thoughts.

  • arrow Group Blogs - Commonly owned and used by a group people sharing a collaborative theme like sports, technology or politics.

  • arrow Corporate or Organizational Blogs - A blog shared by a group of people who work or have worked together in an organization or shared the same work culture mainly used for marketing or public relations between members of multiple organizations.

  • arrow Microblogs - Blogs used to share small pieces of contents online, including text messages, photos, videos, etc. with other people liked online. Example Facebook and Twitter.

  • arrow Genre based Blogs - Some blogs are categorised based on a specific subject, such as travel blogs, political blogs, health blogs, garden blogs, etc. People having an interest in such common areas use these blogs to share their experiences and thoughts.